A new approach to provide qualified teachers for schools in England


TeachNext® has been established to increase the supply of appropriately trained teachers for schools in England.

The main programme offers graduates established in a career the opportunity to re-train as a teacher while on secondment from his or her substantive position. Conversion courses will enable recently qualified teachers the opportunity to complete an intensive course in a shortage subject that will enable them to teach that shortage subject.

The main programme will enable professionals to spend up to a year working in a school while working towards qualified teacher status. If, at the end of the year, the professional decides that teaching is not for them, he or she can return to their previous employer, taking with them experience of working with children and young people.

If the professional decides that they would like to change careers and become a qualified teacher, she or he would obtain a job as a teacher and resign from their substantive post.

TeachNext main programme is a route into teaching that enables mid-career professionals to explore whether they could become successful teachers without having to make the “leap of faith” that requires them to resign from their substantive posts.

This will enrich the teaching profession by bringing well qualified professionals into teaching, bringing with them a range of professional and life experiences. Those who return to their substantive careers will take with them a range of skills and experiences gained during their year working in a school.

The conversion courses will provide recently qualified teachers with the specialist skills and knowledge needed to enable them to teach a shortage subject. The first two courses under development are in mathematics (principally for secondary schools) and computing (principally for primary schools).

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